On Demand 

September 29, 2016 | Manhattan NYC – An Affinia Hotel


Overview It’s a whole new world for the business of On Demand and pay-per-view!

Attendees will enjoy the networking opportunities for this conference while exploring viewer trends, and how revenues are being generated today.  The morning sessions will focus on research, data, viewer behavior and how these factors impact programming decisions.  Afternoon sessions will address revenue opportunities for providers, networks, advertisers, distributors and ultimately, the impact this all makes on what viewers watch and consume.

9:30 a.m. Registration Opens with Coffee & Networking
10:00 a.m. Welcoming Remarks


Louis Hillelson

VP/Group Publisher

Broadcasting & Cable/Multichannel News

10:05 a.m. Opening Keynote Presentation: The Evolving Video on Demand Viewer


In this keynote presentation, comScore will explore how emerging technologies and advancements within traditional Video on Demand, as well as on digital platforms, are shaping the habits and behaviors of VOD viewers across the total television landscape.




Bill Livek

Executive Vice Chairman & President



Cathy Hetzel

Executive Vice President


10:30 a.m.


Morning Keynote Interview: A Whole New World
Watching television and video on demand is a lot different than it was just eight years ago when this annual summit first started. This keynote guest has the unique experience of having worked in film, television and music and now he leads the Worldwide Digital Video Channels business for Amazon.  He will share perspectives on the changing impact that on demand viewing is having on the overall profitability of the television and video business, where this impact is having its greatest effects, and who will benefit the most from these changes!



Michael Paull
Vice President, Digital Video



Mark Robichaux

Editorial Director

Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News

11:oo a.m. Featured Studio Discussion: Who Decides What, When and Where Viewers Are Watching (and Consuming) Daily

Senior Home Entertainment executives are key decision makers who must quickly react to the disruptive landscape of consumers’ behavior for watching content. They regularly change their business decisions to accommodate consumers’ ever changing behaviors for where, when and what they watch. These executives will share their own perspectives of content distribution, evolving business opportunities and how television is reacting to shifting viewer behaviors. Attendees will gain a better understanding of what’s ahead for home entertainment distribution.


Produced in partnership with DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group




Dade Hayes


Broadcasting & Cable



Sofia Chang

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Digital Distribution and Home Entertainment‎

Home Box Office, Inc.


Andrea Downing


PBS Distribution


11:30 a.m. Research Keynote Interview: What’s Everyone Watching?

This session is about analyzing viewer consumption and applying this information toward making smart business decisions. Get the latest findings and insights from a new report of viewership behavior and habits, presented by a leading research expert. The presentation is then followed by a one-on-one interview to further explain the results and how these results can be applied to business practices, today.




Bruce Benson

Senior Managing Director

FTI Consulting



Brian Hughes

SVP, Audience Intelligence & Strategy


12:00 p.m. Lunch…Greet, Meet & Eat

Enjoy lunch, meet others, and if you like, join a compelling group conversation at one of our hosted topic tables.  It’s fun, informational and you get to meet new acquaintances or re-connect with colleagues. 

Table Topics/Leaders:


  • Table #1 – The Future of VOD and Cable TV
    • Table Leader: Amy Jo Smith, President, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group


  • Table #2 – Generating The Industry-wide Conversation about Growing On Demand

    • Table Leader:  Stacie Gray, Chief Creative Officer, iN DEMAND


  • Table #3 – Marketing On Demand and Pay-per-view to today’s dynamic audience
    • Table Leader: Court Stroud, Founder, Managing Director, The Cledor Group


  • Table #4 – Promoting subscriptions to On Demand Services
    • Table Leader: Michael Fabiano, Vice President, Revenue – Local Media, Associated Press


  • Table #5 – Driving the Sports category on pay-per-view
    • Table Leader: Rafael Eli, Partner, Schramm Marketing Group


  • Table #6 – Producing for Digital Distribution

    • Table Leader: Rob Barnett, Founder/Content Partner, Rob Barnett Media


  • Table #7 – Buying & Selling On Demand Advertising Online
    • Table Leader: Chris Monteleone, EVP of Corporate Development & Sales, CPXi


  • Table #8 – Buying and Selling Digital Place Based Advertising – Digital Media and Strategic Partnerships
    • Table Leader: Edward Derse, Consultant, Rugby International Marketing (RIM) / USA Rugby


  • Table #9 – The Business Model for Adult On Demand
    • Table Leader: Gabriel Berger, EVP, Sales North America, VUBIQUITY


  • Table #10 – On Demand Content for Multicultural Audiences
    • Table Leader: Rajiv Menon, Cultural Analyst, TruthCo.


  • Table #11 – How to Measure Emotional Reactions To Content
    • Table Leader: Stuart Schwartzapfel, Head of Sales,


  • Table #12: Redefining Sports On Demand
    • Table Leader: Andrew Daines, CEO, FanVision Entertainment


1:00 p.m. Afternoon Keynote:  Millions of Viewers Served Daily: The Cable TV Perspective

This guest represents one of the nation’s largest pay TV distributors of video and entertainment services.  His company offers viewers the most robust video on demand platform in the business, and attracts more than three billion views annually.  This discussion is about serving viewers, and analyzing the business impact of their behavior on ratings, especially now that viewers are shifting to watch more on demand content than ever before.  The discussion will also include other topics like the introduction of X-1 boxes, stacking rights for streaming current episodes on all platforms, as well as predictions of the biggest on demand hits for the Fall 2016 season!




Mark Robichaux

Editorial Director

Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News



Stephen Meyer
VP, Video Strategy & Analysis
Comcast Cable


1:30 p.m. Featured Marketing Discussion – Driving Viewer Demand for More Ways to Watch…Everywhere.


Produced in partnership with CTAM


TV Everywhere is providing a world of opportunity for consumers to satisfy their hunger for more ways to watch TV.  Recent studies show continued increases in viewing and customers continue to place high value on the offering as part of their subscriptions.  But what’s driving viewers to take full advantage of steaming opportunities provided by pay-TV providers?  The industry continues to collaborate to build the category and today you’ll hear how two prominent companies are meeting the marketing challenges.  These experienced executives will share what’s working, whether promoting live events or series catch up, increasing APP downloads or removing barriers to usage, and what needs to be done to continue the momentum.




Vicki Lins

President and CEO




Alexa Wilson

Vice President of Consumer Marketing, TV Everywhere

NBCUniversal Content Distribution


Andrew Borak

Vice President, Marketing


2:00 p.m. Advertising Discussion: Exploiting A New World for Driving Ad Views

Magna Global reports that on demand and other content has emerged as one of the fastest growing sources for ad views.  Advertising is yet another example of where the business of on demand has shifted dramatically in recent years.  This panel of advertising sales execs and media buyers discuss this growing area of the business and how the industry is monetizing the opportunity, whether delivered via traditional cable VOD, or OTT or in a TV Everywhere.




Dade Hayes


Broadcasting & Cable


Chris Pizzurro
Business Development, Sales & Marketing


Adam Lowy
General Manager of Advanced Television
Dish Media Sales


Chet Fenster

Head of Content

MEC Wavemaker


Scott Rosenberg
VP of Advertising

2:45 p.m. Afternoon Break
3:00 p.m. Distribution Discussion: A New World of On Demand Technology
This session explores how the entertainment and media industries use technology-based solutions to facilitate distribution of content that supports providers with the opportunity to monetize programming available for on demand viewing.  Panelists will discuss how various entertainment platforms, products and distribution channels are meeting the changing needs to serve the various segments of the industry today, and will share perspectives of upcoming opportunities.  The discussion addresses how these improvements to distribution technology drive the basic business decisions that will continue to improve the value of on demand to viewers, advertisers, programmers and providers.




Jeff Baumgartner

Technology Editor

Multichannel News


Barry Tishgart
Vice President
Comcast Wholesale


Jim Riley
Chief Revenue Officer


Andy Shenkler
EVP, Chief Solutions & Technology Officer


Tim MacGregor

Senior Director of Strategy & Product

IBM Cloud Video



3:45 p.m. The Viewer & Content Discussion: What’s Everyone Watching Now?

This session is about the on demand viewer, what they watch on demand, and what is affecting their continued shift from linear to on demand viewing.  The panelists will discuss a list of items that are critical to serving the on demand viewer.  You’ll hear how demographics and viewership are being measured, and how these affect the viewer’s choices.  You’ll also learn how new search tactics define the difference from linear to on demand.  Panelists will also delve into key topics like “same day and date release” for films, and “catch-up” or marathon-like viewing binges.  Discover what nuances these experts have learned to ensure an “on demand hit”!




Tom Umstead


Multichannel News


Chip Meehan
Vice President, Content Partnerships
Comcast Media 360


Marshall Zelaznik

Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer



Michele Edelman

EVP Marketing & Content Strategy



Eamonn Bowles


Magnolia Pictures


Amy Jo Smith


DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group

4:30 p.m. Attendee Discussion: What Everyone Is Saying About On Demand?


Be sure to join this fast-paced, co-moderated conversation where we turn the microphones to our attendees for an open discussion of the topics addressed through the day.  This lively session will be fun, informative, and engaging. During this brief, mini-session, you can share your own perspectives of the day’s topics, and get a sense of what others think about the growing business of on demand and pay-per-view.

4:45 p.m. Concluding Remarks
5:00- 6:00 Cocktail Reception co-presented by:

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